PowerON: Extending the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI

Jump Analytics is excited to be a top tier partner with PowerOn, also a Microsoft Gold Partner, which enables us to provide closed loop Data Analytics solutions for our clients. How many times have you deployed a Data Analytics Report or Dashboard, only to think “I wish I could edit and perform some deeper analysis with this data without having to export my report to Excel.” For example, I have a report or dashboard that contains my actuals, budget and forecast. When using Microsoft Power BI or any other Data Analytics tool, users are limited in being able to edit and update commonly captured KPI’s (such as actual, budget, and forecast) or even create a scenario. How about just the ability to add in some comments around a set of reported KPI’s? 

Companies are always wanting to further leverage their investment in these Dashboards to enable new workflows and enhanced scenarios to sophisticated business users. Knowing that they may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on development or export the Reports to Excel, seems to diminish the value and time spent on creating such compelling, impactful visuals for their end users.

In the past, Jump Analytics has been successful in solving this problem by writing custom software applications that allow for an “outside edit” but this could be costly for our clients and required a skill that was burdensome to their organizations. We felt this was not a scalable feature and one that should be handled via a custom control. 

This alerted our team of experts to assess the market for a technology partner that would enable these capabilities, seamlessly allowing us to make our customers existing Power BI Reports and Dashboards, actionable. Not only does PowerOn allow for us to enable these dynamic functions for Microsoft Power BI but it does so in a way that is easy to manage for our customers.  Once this is enabled, clients can dynamically update their reporting KPI’s, reflecting new events and including business user comments that document the edits and reasons. This, in our view, completes the Data Analytics circle.

If you are among our clients in the Mining industry or other asset-intensive industries who have been searching for a better method to make their existing daily, weekly and monthly production flash reports more actionable, Jump Analytics can help. Our team has embedded PowerOn into the Jump Mine Analytics Framework, enabling this capability. Making reported KPI’s actionable with embedded commenting. 

If you are interested in learning more about enabling this capability for Microsoft Power BI, please reach out to us and we can help you to understand how PowerOn can further enable Analytics within your business, without having to leave Microsoft Power BI.

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