Jump Analytics SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) training has been developed to enable end-users, super-users, and system administrators to leverage all aspects of the solution. Participants will learn about functional and technical capabilities SAC including:

  • Administration of models, dimensions, properties, hierarchies, workflow, audit, security, logic, and driver-based planning.
  • In-depth understanding of report and input form configuration and best practices using practical examples. Solution navigation and process management, feature/function training, predictive analytics scenarios, and accessing pre-built (publicly available) content.
  • Tailored training to your needs including BI, Predictive, Planning (all aspects of enterprise financial planning or operational).
  • Leveraging multiple tenants (Test, QA, Production) and the associated Life-Cycle Management

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based solution with heavy SAP and a robust roadmap/release schedule.  Our training ensures you are harnessing the latest innovations and maximizing your ROI.