What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is the final stage in achieving a high rating on your data analytics maturity journey. Effective applications of AI and Machine Learning require a solid foundation for the storage, collection, architecture and governance of your data to achieve successful project delivery.

Implementing AI and Machine Learning successfully

Too many times, AI projects fail due to organizations being overconfident in the quality of their data and how that data is to be interpreted to support the AI or Machine Learning methods. AI and Machine Learning projects have a high failure rate of 70%, but Jump’s method in implementing successful projects means we apply rapid prototyping as well as assess the data and ensure it is stored and utilized correctly to be applied to the AI and Machine Learning methods.

Most organizations are nowhere near having the correct processes to apply AI. Collection of large data sets from various systems increases the risk and challenges and brings the probability of success down because of the erroneous or unstable nature of the data. Jump establishes a foundation to ensure that you are able to run these models successfully.


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