An Overload of Data:

Today, many organizations struggle to understand how to design and deploy analytics within their business. Companies are collecting data at a faster rate than ever before, and this is increasing exponentially. This situation forces companies to seek out the easy option or “single tool” that will address their specific reporting needs. The issue with this is, it never solves the problem… It just shifts the workload to another tool, resulting in the same challenge the customer is seeking to overcome to begin with.

The challenge has been that there was no product in the market that solves all of a company’s reporting needs, in a single tool. Many organizations now recognize that they must approach data projects like they would any other complex system. Data analytics projects require proven deployment methodologies and best practices, utilizing a solid set of solutions that can fill each void along the “Data chain” (source data to reporting models) to deploy a successful Microsoft Azure big data analytics solution.

Our Solution:

Jump Analytics’ data experts are ready to help you design and deploy successful data analytics solutions, leveraging Microsoft’s latest in Power BI advancements, Azure’s powerful toolsets, and innovative Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.

Microsoft has cleared new paths for companies to design and deploy on-premises or cloud-based data analytic strategies. There is never a “one solution fits all” when it comes to deploying analytics within your business, whether it be on-prem or in the Azure cloud. Power BI, however, has unlimited flexibility to adapt to the uniqueness of your data. Every company has diverse, often complicated systems and processes, requiring analytics solutions that provide effective design and employ best practices.

Ensuring the right Microsoft Azure big data analytics solutions are designed to fit your business needs, for both your current and future analytic landscape, is our expertise.

Jump has a proven methodology and best practices that enable our customers to deploy successful data analytics solutions using Power BI and the Azure Analytic stack for their business.