What is Data Governance?

Data governance describes the policies and procedures put in place to ensure an organization’s data is accurate and handled correctly throughout the entire process of input, storage, manipulation, access, and finally extraction. The responsibilities of data governance include establishing the correct architecture, infrastructure and technology while maintaining the processes of setting policies, accessing, and safeguarding different types of data.

Why is Data Governance Business-Critical?

As data becomes more and more integral to every aspect of the business process, organizations cannot afford to bypass an information game plan. Accurate and reliable data is essential to the effective operation of the systems and functions of any organization, and by ensuring a strong, trusted governance plan is in place, organizations are setting themselves up for success.

With essential functions such as financials, technology functions and asset management dictating business decisions, organizations must be confident in the data that they are inputting and treating.

Data governance puts a plan in place to ensure trust and reliability surrounding business decisions and data usage. With consistent monitoring, strong policies, and a robust plan, data governance ensures your decisions are based on truthful, accurate and trustworthy information.

ARC at Jump

Lifting the veil on internal analytics across all departments. The ARC encourages knowledge sharing within peers, reducing redundant work and information storage, fast-tracking the launching of new reports for analysis. The ARC Program will enable an organization to blend elements of business and corporate-led BI, wherein the Power BI users throughout the organization will be encouraged to analyze, report, innovate and share while using certified and governed data sources. The following model shows the pillars of ARC and how they are inter-connected to deliver a governed and well-defined BI solution across the organization.


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