Purview and Profisee

Azure Purview is a data governance solution that provides broad visibility of organizations' on-premises and cloud data estates.

As more data is loaded into Azure, the need to properly govern and manage that data across all your data sources and data consumers also grows. Data that seemed adequate in the source system is often found to be deficient when shared. It may have missing or incomplete information, duplications and conflicts, and be of poor quality overall.

Without high-quality data in your Azure data estate, the business value of Azure will be undermined, perhaps critically. The solution is to build a foundation for data governance and management that can produce and deliver high-quality, trusted data. Working together, Azure Purview and Profisee master data management (MDM) form such a platform.

Diagram of Purview and Profisee overview.

Azure Purview catalogues all the data sources and identifies any sensitive information, as well as lineage. It gives the data architect a place to consider the appropriate data standards that should be imposed on all data. Purview’s focus is on governance to find, classify, and define policies and standards. Enforcing policies and standards and remediating deficient data falls to technologies like master data management (MDM).

Profisee MDM is designed to accept master data from any source, then match, merge, standardize, verify, correct, and synchronize it across systems, ensuring data can be properly integrated and will meet the needs of downstream systems, such as business intelligence (BI), machine learning, and so on.

Better together: Purview and Profisee MDM are integrated to streamline these tasks and ensure that all systems are working to enforce the same standards. Profisee publishes its master data model to Purview, where it can participate in governance. Purview then shares the output of governance, such as a data catalog and glossary information, so it can be reviewed and enforced by Profisee.

For example, after cataloging enterprise data sources, it may be determined that there are multiple sources of customer data. To be effective, master data should be merged, validated, and corrected in Profisee, by using governance definitions, insights, and expertise that are detailed in Purview. In this way, Purview and Profisee form the foundation for governance and data management, and they maximize the business value of data in Azure.