Maximize mining efficiency with automated data collection and reporting

Visualize data and streamline reporting and analytics using Jump Analytics’ suite of solutions including our Mine Playbook, Data Framework and Ops Bench.

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Insights to Action

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Automate data collection, streaming & analytics

Easily access mining data analytics from one dashboard.

Deploy mining dashboards in seconds

Providing Operations, Finance, IT, Exploration, Technical Services and other stakeholders with relevant data quickly and efficiently.

Integrates with leading OT mining software

Fleet management, historians, maintenance, ERPs and ESG

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Problem: Ineffective Data Utilization

  • Inability to access the right information in a timely manner
  • Lack the standards to automate data collection
  • Difficulty in reconciling data accurately and efficiently
  • Inability to capture and track action plans on collected data

We provide the industry knowledge and solutions to create a unified view of your organization’s mine operations, allowing for accurate and cross-functional insights you need to drive actions.

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Design and Delivery of Custom Mining Dashboards to Fit Your Unique Needs

Currently there is a gap in the collection, analysis and reporting of mine-specific data. Utilizing the power of Microsoft’s world class technology, Jump’s Mine Industry Solution facilitates the collection of data, providing automation and accurate access to key data. Our solution harnesses data from across your organization and translates it into to a suite of standard industry dashboards and custom reports, allowing for meaningful insights and actions for your operations.

Check out our dashboards for Exploration, Mine Operations, Processing, Reconciliation and many more:

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