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ESG reporting started as a response to the need for organizations to go beyond financial metrics. While there are many who may see
sustainability pertaining to the environment only, corporate sustainability goes far deeper. It is centered around building long-term
stakeholder value by implementing strategies that target a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Please join us to discuss relevant topics on ESG for Mining such as:
Go beyond SASB, GRI and TCDF to meet organizational reporting needs with the ability to customize reporting frameworks and make
tracking thousands of metrics simple.
Jump’s “ESG Play”, part of the Jump Mine Analytics Playbook, is an industry designed solution for mining, enabling companies to capture, document, store, analyze and report on ESG frameworks.


Jump Analytics strongly believes that the best innovations within the mining industry come from the intersection of best mining practices with data insights and discovery.

To be held bi-annually, these two-hour virtual conferences will bring together experts like you from across the mining industry. The topics for each session will focus on what Mining companies are doing to innovate within their Mine operations, in a safe and efficient manner.

The Mining Center of Excellence sessions will showcase best practices and advances in data analytics and technology that improve Mine performance, delivery, and value. Each session will spotlight one area of mining operations and feature a guest speaker who is an expert in that area. Attendees will be invited to participate in open forum discussions, sharing their challenges with gathering and utilizing data, as well as their best practices and success stories.

Presented by:

Michael Matrick
Jump Analytics

Jeff Armstrong
Director of Strategic Industries
Jump Analytics

Jack Lobe
BI Consultant
Jump Analytics

Bethany Borody
Director, Sustainability 
New Gold Inc. 

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